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Kros Learning Group Offers Professional Development Experiences Nationwide

Our workshops equip, empower, and inspire adults to foster resilient minds in children and youth through powerful, practical strategies

We are passionate about our mission to help adults shape resilient minds in our children and youth. Our professional development experiences – our workshops – are the most popular service we offer. We call our workshops “experiences” because we deliver our cutting-edge material in an active, engaging, “brain-friendly” manner that results in our participants’ “experiencing” rather than merely receiving the exciting information we have to share. Focused on generating both insight and action, our workshops are transformative because they provide adult learners not only the “Why?” of our strategies but also the powerful “How To” apply them immediately and effectively.

A complete menu of our stand-alone workshops is presented below. Stand-alone workshops are provided individually and require no prerequisite training. Stand-alone workshops are offered in half-day (3-hour) and full-day (6-hour) formats. Workshops followed by an asterisk (*) signify that the session is offered in partnership with The Children’s Guild Alliance.

Workshop Collections

Behavioral Growth and Change

The topics in this workshop collection highlight the issues that interfere with resilience and show participants how to conquer them. These experiences tackle the most common behavioral, emotional and social issues facing children, youth and families and the people that help them. Trauma, Poverty, ADHD, stress, suicide and addiction are addressed from the perspective of the developing brain. By understanding what happens in the brain in these contexts, you will be armed with the knowledge needed to apply the right interventions and support at the right time to help children, youth and the adults that serve them heal, grow and thrive.

Accelerated Teaching

The topics in this workshop collection will boost your knowledge of the brain to facilitate accelerated learning and competence in young, malleable brains. Learning capacity and self-efficacy are critical components of resilient minds. You’ll better understand how the brains of children and youth develop and learn. Most importantly, you’ll be empowered with the tools to use this knowledge to accelerate each teaching opportunity you have. This treasure-trove of knowledge and skills is not just for professional educators, but for any adult who wants to be more effective in teaching the children and youth in their care.

Leadership & Personal Development

It is much easier to foster resilience in children and youth when the adults helping them have resilient minds. These workshop topics are specifically designed to enhance personal resilience for leaders in child-serving organizations. Learn research-supported techniques for keeping in top mental condition, even in stressful and challenging situations, and boost your positive impact through growing your own resilience capacity.

Young Audiences

The topics in this collection are designed for middle and high school students, with a focus on understanding their brains and providing the skills necessary to respond to the opportunities of adolescence, effectively leverage stress, grow learning capacity and build resilience.

Parent University

The topics in this workshop collection are specifically designed for parents and foster parents, and will help them develop parenting behaviors that ensure their children are resilient and live happy and successful lives.

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