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Coaching Services - Kros Learning Group


Personalized Coaching for Leaders and Speakers

The coaching offered is conducted personally by Frank Kros and utilizes in-person meetings and a variety of media platforms to provide clients with consistent, individualized and targeted coaching to noticeably improve leadership skills, communication skills and personal confidence.

Speaker Coaching

Since he started The Upside Down Organization in 2007, Frank Kros’ speaking skills have resulted in his being hired for presentations in 44 states and 7 foreign countries. Inspired by his own experience of growth as a presenter, Frank offers individualized instruction to speakers committed to taking their presentation skills to a higher level. Based on his “Creating Connections” curriculum, Frank coaches speakers to become “phenomenal” by emphasizing 12 foundational presentation practices and 10 essential speaker skills. The speaker coaching experience includes direct instruction, safe rehearsal with feedback and videotaped sessions with an assessment.

Leadership Coaching

In the past 35 years, Frank has worked in a wide variety of leadership positions. Based on his experiences, Frank coaches leaders towards improving their self-awareness, broadening their perspective and strengthening specific leadership skills. Frank utilizes three original tools he created to help leaders powerfully boost their leadership impact.

Leadership Coaching Tools

Leadership Discipline Model

This leadership tool provides comprehensive, easy-to-use framework leaders can apply to ensure their communication is aligned and integrated with the mission and strategic goals of their organization.

Leadership Impact Profile

This leadership feedback tool provides leaders a holistic perspective about their current leadership impact on those they lead, and guides strategic goal-setting focused on powerfully expanding that impact.

Leadership Skills Curriculum

This customized curriculum provides leaders a menu from which to select specific skills to add to their leadership profile, allowing targeted coaching for their needs. Click here to view the entire curriculum.

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