The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Series

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based program of learning and practical application exercises that reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain. In addition, regular practice of the exercises provided through MBSR improves both focus and attention. The combined impact of stress reduction and enhanced focus results in increased productivity and deeper work and life contentment. Participants in this course report an expanded ability to effectively lower stress in the workplace, manage distractions, maintain concentration and boost productivity without adding additional time to their workday.


The course is 10-weeks in length and consists of ten (10) 30-minute live/recorded sessions plus a 120-page MBSR Course Guidebook that provides a written curriculum, research annotations, additional exercises, and resource links. The live/recorded sessions are provided via conference call. Participants only need access to a phone and there is no toll for participating in the call.

Upon registering for the course, participants are provided the code for accessing the call and a calendar of the live call dates and times. If participants cannot participate in the live call each week, a recording of the call is provided to them via email so they can listen to at a time most convenient and beneficial to them. In the event a live session cannot be held on any particular week, a recording will be available so that no week is missed.

Participants can join the weekly calls at any time no matter what specific week or topic is being covered. However, a calendar will be provided for those participants who prefer to start the course in sequential order.

The 10-week MBSR curriculum outline is as follows:

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

Session Topic
1 Mindfulness Defined, Baseline Data Collection, Basic Breathing Meditation
2 Attention and the Now: What Mindfulness Practice Does and How It Does It
3 Automaticity: The Power of Habit in Our Minds and How to Harness It for Good
4 Judgment: The Negative Inclination of Our Inner Voice
5 Acceptance: The Core Practice for Stress Relief
6 Goals: How to Balance Present and Future for Optimum Outcomes
7 Compassion Close and Far: Where Transformation Occurs
8 The Ego: Our Perpetual Obstacle to Well-Being
9 Integration and Alignment: Weaving Together MBSR Knowledge and Skill
10 Post-Course Data Collection, Course Evaluation, MBSR Maintenance Opportunities

The MBSR course offered by Kros Learning Group is facilitated only by Frank Kros. The course is strictly secular and requires no prior experience with mindfulness practices. Participants in past MBSR courses facilitated by Frank have requested to continue engaging in the weekly calls after the 10-week program is completed. Consequently, Kros Learning Group offers “MBSR Maintenance,” an option that permits participants to continue to access weekly calls at a reduced rate once the initial 10-week course is completed.

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