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Kros Learning Group provides consulting services to leadership teams and organizations focused on designing and implementing transformational cultures. Our consulting focuses on building a long-term relationship with clients to deeply understand their services, strengths, personnel, and their unique needs.  The majority of our consultations are multi-year relationships, reflecting the close and effective collaboration built with our clients across the United States. 

Kros Learning Group assists leadership teams in identifying key aspects of the current organizational culture, designing the desired culture change and establishing the specific steps required to create the desired culture. Kros Learning Group then provides coaching support and technical assistance as teams and organizations implement the culture change practices and experience the benefits of their new cultural systems.

Using culture change tools developed over three decades, Kros Learning Group teaches clients how to become proficient at leading employees to grow and change at the micro, mezzo and macro levels. Our goal is to radically improve leaders’ skills in designing, implementing and maintaining positive organizational transformations.

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