Keynote Speaker

Since 2007, Frank Kros has Inspired Audiences in 44 States and 7 Foreign Countries.

Your Audience will be Motivated to Take Action

Frank Kros provides keynote presentations on all of Kros Learning Group’s Workshop Topics. Frank customizes his keynotes to expertly blend his content expertise with a focus on the specific audience being addressed.

Frank’s primary goal in all his keynotes is to inspire and unify an audience with a common purpose. He works closely with event leaders to grasp the overall purpose of the conference or learning event so that his presentation illuminates, clarifies and makes relevant the conference theme. Frank’s presentations are inspiring, practical and memorable, providing the audience with a specific call to action. He works collaboratively with event leaders to provide direction for the conference purposes and goals and sets the appropriate tone for the learning event.

Frank is memorable and transformational. He galvanizes adults to positive action through insight, practical innovation and indomitable passion.  

Your Audience Will Have Fun!

Not only will your audience learn and be inspired by Frank, but they will also have fun doing it—no matter the topic. Frank is uniquely skilled at building rapport, credibility and trust with audiences. His life experience stories, anecdotes from decades of experience and insightful humor develop a relationship with audiences that results in highly memorable learning experiences.

Frank’s passion, animation and ability to make his call to action both clear and personal to each audience member sets him apart as a specially gifted keynote presenter.

Frank is also available for speaking consultations.

Interested in having Frank speak at your event?

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