For many years Frank has been one of my key and most impactful workshop facilitators for all things related to positively impacting the personal and academic school lives of our most vulnerable students.  His personable and highly engaging style coupled with his extensive understanding of the social-emotional and cultural dimensions of learning has given our K-12 teachers, administrators and counselors invaluable lessons and practical strategies for nurturing their confidence and competence in effectively addressing our most challenged student’s learning and social-emotional needs.

Robert Jarvis, PHD

Director of the Penn Coalition for Educational Equity, Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence and Equity, Long Island Consortium for Excellence and Equity with Nassau and Eastern Suffolk County BOCES, New Jersey Consortia for Excellence Through Equity -North/Central/South with NJASA, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennyslvania

Frank has spoken at multiple Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS) conferences, and the audience consistently reports that he was one of their favorite workshop presenters and keynote speakers. Throughout the course of one day, Frank presented two 90-minute workshops and delivered the closing keynote, and he remained captivating and inspiring through each session. Frank is friendly, kind, and easy to work with. His training is informative, thought-provoking, and engaging. Frank teaches tangible skills that participants can apply directly to the work they do. His presentations appeal to a wide audience, from brain development experts to those with minimal knowledge of the subject, and everyone in the room will walk away having learned something new. Frank will be the highlight of any training, conference, or event, and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Ann-Charlotte Proffitt

Texas Network of Youth Services

Frank Kros is a master of engaging presentations.  He works with you before the event to customize the content to the audience and acknowledge their present capacity.  His use of collaborative processes merged with new learning motivates participants to stretch their thinking.  He always hits the mark!

Georgia Soltis Clark

Executive Director for Elementary School Education, Cecil County Public Schools, Maryland

A Phenomenal Presenter!!! I first met Frank as a classroom teacher.  His cutting-edge workshop on the teenage brain WOWED me and transformed my teaching practices.  Over the past 10 years, I have had the great honor of learning from and presenting with Frank.   He is a dedicated professional who is committed to what is truly in the best interest of children.  His workshops on trauma, resilience, engagement and presenting skills are practical and powerful.  I am grateful to call him a mentor and friend.

Shauna F. King, Ed.S

Educator, Author & Speaker, King Professional Development Services

I have had the immense pleasure of working with Frank on multiple pro bono projects on behalf of Maryland’s children over the past decade. Frank is a consummate professional and a passionate and compassionate advocate for children. His generous heart, energy, integrity, intellect, and creativity are awe-inspiring. Whether he is developing a bench placemat tool for judges to perform developmentally appropriate interviews of children in court; creating a trauma-informed child and adolescent-friendly courtroom; training 100+ Master Presenters for the Maryland Essentials for Childhood’s ACE Interface Project; or, educating lawmakers and agency administrators on neurobiology, ACEs, and resilience, Frank’s precision, engagement with his clients, and the ability to translate complex scientific concepts into simple, but not simplistic terms is exceptional. His preparation for each keynote address, training, or meeting with clients is comprehensive and focused on meeting the unique needs of the school administrators, teachers, judges, mental health professionals, business executives, child welfare and juvenile justice workers and administrators, and legislators with whom he works. Fellow child advocates and Maryland’s children and families owe Frank an immeasurable debt of gratitude for so generously sharing his incredible talents.

Claudia Remington

I have known Frank Kros for over 10 years, and he is a rare jewel among human beings. His respect for humanity, his tireless efforts to help others, and his incredible knowledge base that he shares in his teaching and consulting, is not only vast, but it has depth and significantly transformative meaning. It is difficult to find people of Frank's caliber - much less their being available.

Anthony Dallmann-Jones, PhD

Founder/Director/Professor, At-Risk Education Network, At-Risk and Alternative Education MAE Program at Marion University

I have worked closely with Frank Kros since the early 1980’s on many creative and innovative projects, as well as on extremely challenging and complex issues.  I have always found him to be a creative thinker, outstanding teacher and an effective consultant. Frank is truly one of the best minds and best communicators in the field of children’s services and applied neuro-science. I recommend him without reservation.

Andrew L. Ross, Ph.D., LCSW-C

President & CEO, The Children's Guild

Frank is one of a kind. I have known him for years. His work with us has had a transformative effect on our department and our juvenile justice system. He’s helped us to achieve culture change, a clear departmental vision, and a strong system of employee development that aligns with our values. The statewide and nationwide recognition we’ve received in recent years speak to the results that Frank has helped to engender. His passion and knowledge are infectious. We are grateful for his contributions.

Lee Seale, JD

Chief Probation Officer, Sacramento County, California

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