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Parent University Workshop Topics

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Parents and Foster Parents

1). A Parent's Guide to Building Great Brains

Parents want their children to have happy and successful lives. They want to build great brains. This workshop will show you how! In this informative, myth-busting learning experience, we reveal what decades of research teaches us about parenting practices that produce emotionally healthy, happy, successful adults.

You’ll learn the ten most important parent behaviors that will lead to extraordinary outcomes for your children. We will show you how to incorporate these practices into your daily interactions with your children and reach an even higher level of parenting expertise without feeling confused, overwhelmed or frustrated. Your stress level will go down and your satisfaction with your child’s behavior will go up. You will be a better, more effective parent the moment you leave this workshop!

2). Buried Treasure: The 7 Golden Rules for Raising Outstanding Minds in a Chaotic World

Today’s parents are bombarded with information, advice, opinions and products telling them how to best feed, discipline, supervise and educate their children. Add to that the influence of the media, your neighbors, your child’s peers, and—of course—your own child’s desires and preferences, and it is tough to know what is truly best.

This fascinating workshop combines the wisdom of successful parents across generations with recent discoveries about how our children’s brains learn and grow. This fusion of old and new wisdom produces 7 Essential Golden Rules that cut through the clutter, hype and misinformation to provide you with solid, time-tested, research-backed parenting guidance. We’ve done the research so you won’t have to! This workshop will empower you to parent with confidence and watch your children’s brains grow more than you ever imagined.

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