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Young Audiences Workshop Collections - Kros Learning Group

Young Audiences Workshops

Designed for: 

Middle School and High School Students

1). My Awesome Brain

This 12-session series introduces students to the structure, function, and development of their own very special developing brain. Students learn to love and care for and build resilience in their brains through a series of interactive, multi-media lessons.

Topics include:

  • Brain Changes in Adolescence
  • Neuronal Nutrition
  • Calming Stress
  • Building Intelligence
  • Building Resiliency
  • The Social Brain
  • The High-Risk Brain

These topics provide students with the information they need to make good decisions regarding their health and future. Most important, My Awesome Brain normalizes much of the adolescent experience by explaining the many confusing and mysterious feelings, thoughts, and behaviors resulting from a rapidly-developing brain. Each session is tied to standards-based learning outcomes and can be provided in a variety of formats (12-week, 9-week, and 6-week or 3-day seminar). The middle school and high school versions are different and developmentally targeted. My Awesome Brain empowers students with the knowledge and skills necessary to take care of their brains, manage the many challenges of the adolescent years and better understand the risks and strengths of the unique brain they have during this special time of life. My Awesome Brain is fun and engaging, using hands-on models, brain scans, video, music and scores of manipulatives to teach students about the most incredible and valuable organ in their bodies!

2). Secrets of My Stressed-Out-Brain: What Really Happens in There and What You Can Do to Conquer Your Anxiety

Always wondered: “What’s going on in there?” when you are overwhelmed, anxious and stressed-out? Are you curious about how and why stress often leads to troubling patterns of thinking and behavior? Interested in some new, practical and enlightening ideas for shaping healthier behavior? This presentation will explore new research on the brain and how that research has dramatically improved our understanding of stress and how it impacts our thinking and behavior.

Modern technology has revolutionized our understanding of the functions and processes of the human brain. Armed with this cutting-edge neuroscience, we now know in detail how our brains respond to stress and – more important – we can identify strategies to effectively avoid, reduce and even eliminate the negative consequences of stress. If you truly want to “get away” from feeling tired, worried and overburdened, this information is for you!

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